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    Pit Viper Sunglasses Screenshot

    Pit Viper

    This is the project that I've had the most fun on. I took lead on this one and built it from the ground up - it's also the one that I feel most proud of. The site is like an developer's playground. Who would think to build a windows 95 themed sunglasses store?

    Also - it's gotten a shoutout from the Unofficial Shopify Podcast! They gave a (mostly) glowing review, which always feels good to hear.

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    Healthy Cell Screenshot

    Healthy Cell

    This was a project involving heavy amounts of customization on the product level - which for Shopify meant lots of use out of the custom fields app. It also included integration with a subscription service, always a fun project.

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    Joshua Tree Coffee Screenshot

    Joshua Tree Coffee

    This one was another subscription build - but also they bucked normal design trends by picking colors not normally used in the eCommerce space.

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    Seasport Boats Screenshot

    Sea Sport

    A custom WordPress theme build that I helped build - but it's been a while so I don't remember a whole lot about the process other than that, of all the WP sites I've worked on, this was one I enjoyed more.

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