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About Me

The Resume Stuff

I'm a developer who's been building mostly on the web and mobile for over a decade, starting with an internship building an Android app for Tidyware, and then landing a job at Western Washingtion Universities C.I.I.A building sites for professors and departments to help them with education and research using the ASP.NET platform. After that I worked for a WordPress agency, Sole Graphics, building custom themes and plugins for clients. After moving from WA to CA, I moved to the Shopify Plus world, and have worked for a few agencies, including BVA (now the Stable) and eHouse where I both built and led teams building custom Shopify themes and integrations.

In leading teams, I worked with clients gathering requirements and then building out plans to ensure what we delivered would meet their needs AND their budget. I would work with the design team to ensure designs were accessible and met use cases, ensure the development team was all on the same page with technology, architecture, and standars. I'd review code, work with QA to create test plans and ensure we were holding ourselves to the highest standard. Additionally I'd work with the Project Manager to come up with sprint plans, groom tickets, and help keep us on track. Finally, I'd work with the client to ensure they had documentation to know how to use and update the site and demo the site for them.

In addition to client work I also worked on creating a boiler plate / build tooling for my team to cut down on the time spent recreating the same pieces over and over, as well and put code standards in place to align the team, code reviews to ensure we were meeting those standards and help push other developers to grow, and jumping between projects and onboarding new developers quicker. The boiler plate included not only a JS framework (React in this case) but also styling (Tailwind CSS), architecture of how components should be created and orginized, naming conventions, and creating a library of helper utils to solve common problems the team faced.

Languages & Frameworks

  • Front End
  • Vue JS
  • React
  • Next JS
  • Alpine JS & Web Components
  • Back End & Platforms
  • Shopify
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Laravel
  • Node JS
  • Next JS / Gatsby
  • Data Layer
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • Sanity / GraphQL