About Me

    My name is Ben, and I’m a Seattle native, where I lived up through high school and two years at University of Washington. After that, I moved to Bellingham, just an hour and a half north of Seattle to attend Western Washington University, where I studied computer science. That’s where my work experience in web development really kicked off; I got a job working with the C.I.I.A., where I worked as a full stack developer building in-house tools for professors and other staff. After graduating, I stuck around for a couple years and worked with Sole Graphics, where I worked as a full stack developer, building primarily (though not exclusively) with the WordPress platform. Other platforms and frameworks I worked with include Shopify, Middleman, and Laravel. In 2018, I moved to San Diego, where I am now working for BVA as a front-end developer building Shopify themes and integrations.

    Hobbies & Passions

    Being a Seattle boy, you won’t be surprised to learn I’m a coffee addict. But would you believe that drinking coffee is a passion? That’s right, I am that one guy who drinks coffee like posh people drink wine. I’ve been on coffee tasting tours, roasted my own coffee, and worked hard to learn about how to roast and brew coffee and learn its history. I know it’s weird. But hey, to each our own. I also enjoy cooking. I’ve been part of cooking clubs, where I gather with friends weekly and learn to cook new cuisines and with new techniques. I’ve even catered a few weddings, and they all turned out pretty good! Some of my other hobbies include playing my guitars and ukulele, photography, gaming, and dabbling in home-brewing.

    Get in Touch

    Feel free to hit me up on Twitter, or add me on LinkedIn.